Five Springs Ranch
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Where big dreams come in small packages!

Please call us
We will have new calves throughout the year. 

We have strived to produce show type meaty cattle which have wonderful dispositions as well as correct type for Dexters. All of our cattle are registered with the American Dexter Cattle Association.

We are located in the Northeast corner of Texas near Oklahoma and Arkansas approxiamtely 2.5 hrs north of Dallas.

We began raising Irish Dexter cattle in 2008 with one bull and one cow.  They are such nice, economical animals we decided to expand our herd.  We raise black and red, long and short legged, polled and horned. 

Please call or email us to get an update on our cattle for sale and be added to our waiting list.  903-701-2144

We have an all horned herd free of PHA.  We believe horned as well as select chondro carrying cattle should be in any diverse Dexter herd.  We have spent time selecting stock to focus on the traditional Irish Dexter. We maintain our original bloodlines of red horned that came thru Rocking H Boomer Sooner as well because they have fantastic character and body type and do well in the show ring.

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